Too many papers from too many agencies?

Constantly training your staff about new documents and billing?

Hard time getting in touch with Chronic Care patients?

Want to sign and bill with just 1 click?

With Turnkey Health, the answer is YES.



1. free accounts for you

We provide free Doctor Alliance accounts for you and all your agencies: A nationwide Patient Care Portal which provides document signing and billing.

2. we prepare and complete

Our staff receives, reviews, prepares and completes all your paperwork and communicates with your Chronic Care patients.

3. you sign and bill

You get a daily notification to sign your documents with a single click. And you get to bill for all the work you are doing.


“I love this! Turnkey Health did a great job. I would recommend them to anyone.” 

Dr. Hector Garcia

“We are back to doing healthcare and not business processing.” 

dr. rachel smith

“Turnkey Health helped us figure out CPO, TCM and CCM, all at once.”

Dr. Edgar Wilkerson

“We do all our work in the field, and sign all our documents with 1-Click."

Dr. Adam GUILD

$0.00 cost.   Here is how to sign up.

Turnkey Health
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Suite #600 
Dallas, TX 75204